I made a website for neurodiverse tech generalists (aka Wildcard People) to find startup jobs and it blew up.

The Idea

I have 64,000 followers on TikTok. Initially I just wanted to post practical advice about ADHD and build an audience to promote my book on Amazon.

After speaking with a friend of mine, we came to the conclusion that people with ADHD generally end up being "generalists" or "jack of all trades" at their jobs. We thrive with novelty and suffer from repetition. This sounds like a lot of people, but we do this to the extreme.

Because we dive into so many things, our long list of skills sounds like an overzealous highschool student's blatantly false resume. Also, these people do great at startups.

My friend suggested the label "Wildcard", and it stuck.

(Check out the full description here.)

Testing the Waters

First, I posted a TikTok video asking for feedback for the "Wildcard" description. Most comments said something like: "you're describing me!"

Second, I built a landing page and two Google Forms: one for those looking to be hired as a Wildcard, the other for employers who wanted to hire a Wildcard.

I hoped for a few signups, but it blew up.

Stats after 72 hours:

Tiktok views
Tiktok comments
Landing page visits
Wildcard signups
Employer signups
Tags on LinkedIn
Rank on Google
Wildcards hired

I only posted those two Tiktok videos. No other promotion. Clearly I've found an untapped market.

My current process is inefficient, but it's working and people are getting hired. I'm manually finding candidates based on their intake forms and matching them to companies.

This all fell into place rather quickly, but I'm helping people thrive and finding great hires for startups. It feels great.

Want to join the fun? Take a look: