ADHD Pro is a book I wrote in 2020 about adult ADHD.

My own journey with understanding my brain led me to realize that massive gap in practical strategies for adult professionals with ADHD. I wrote ADHD Pro based on the dozens of interviews I did was successful people with ADHD, and laid out a framework for others for how they can be productive despite their ADHD diagnosis.

I initially published it on Gumroad, but have sinced produced an Amazon Kindle, paperback, and audiobook version. I recorded the audiobook myself.

After much hesitation, I was convinced by some friends to start an accompanying TikTok account. I have since gained 50,000+ followers in two months.

ADHD Pro has sold over 1,000 copies.

More info about the book:


I wrote the book in Microsoft Word, made all the graphics in Figma, and created the audiobook with Audacity.

The landing page was built with GatsbyJS & TailwindCSS, and hosted on Netlify.