My List of Products with Good Design


They make my favourite video/podcast editing app. Beyond the intuitive workflow, the app is just well designed and gets out of your way. Shortcuts feel intuitive and I've never been happier to whip out my credit card. Their Discord community also provides wonderful (and fast) support.

Tailwind Labs

Tailwind Labs creates TailwindCSS and TailwindUI.

TailwindCSS is really bizarre. It's a way to write CSS without actually writing CSS. They describe it as a "utility-first CSS framework". It's one of those ideas that sounds ridiculous on paper but you become an instant believer after using it for a few minutes.

TailwindUI is their premium...component store? You basically buy off-the-shelf HTML components that you can easily plug into your web apps as you create them. Once again, it's totally bizarre until you've used it. But it makes so much damn sense.

Both of Tailwind Labs' products are just incredibly well designed and I use them almost every day. I feel like a better designing by osmosis.

Fathom Analytics

A simple "indie" web analytics tool that gets out of your way.

The design is dead simple yet beautiful. You never realize how much friction Google Analytics has until you use something like Fathom.

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