On-Premises AR Apps

I purchased an old Xeon based workstation a few months ago to use as a generic backup/hobby server. I generally launch services with a Docker Compose configuration file.

I really like having my “own” services running and doing tasks without needed to rely on a SaaS product or a vendor. I feel more secure knowing that this piece of hardware is fully locked down and only accessible by me.

It seems like Augmented Reality apps in the future should work like this. Rather than connecting to some cloud provider, I would prefer to run my own local services (which I would be happy to pay for) with locked down permissions, accessible only to myself. The AR hardware I would be wearing would be presumably powerful enough to do on-premises spatial computations, and thus pass along these data to whichever apps or services I have allowed.

I prefer this model to passing spatial context to third party cloud providers who might use my data for their own intentions and disguising themselves as “free services”.

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